About the studio

The studio is located on the 3rd floor of the so called Media Bunker in St.Pauli, which is probably the best location in Hamburg you could imagine.

The blue wave recording facilities consist of 5 rooms and a spacious hallway including a nice kitchen and a huge blue sofa to relax on during the breaks. The core of the studio is the recording room 1 (rec1) with 51 square meters, wooden floor and Steinway B grand piano which is as good as new. Right from the start, completely unaware of the upcoming pandemic, we planned to use this studio not only for audio recordings but for live concerts as well which can be streamed or recorded on video. All 4 recording rooms are equipped with video cameras which are ready to record your session on video. These cameras are also used to communicate cameras with Rec.4 and the control room in real time.

On demand we have also 2 Panasonic GH5 cameras at our customers disposal which require the presence of a camera-operator.

The big recording room also provides, next to the normal lighting, 4 strong spotlights to establish a real live concert feeling. The two small recording rooms (rec2 and rec3) each have direct visual contact with the large recording room rec1 through a window. This way, we are able to implement various recording concepts from strict separation of all instruments to live recording in one room.

To support the education of young people, blue wave recordings also make the studios available to students of the Hamburg School of Music as part of their 2 year professional training program.
About the Hamburg School of Music

Here you can see some videos of the construction of the studio and the first recording tests – an exciting process! Take a look!